It is imperative for investors deciding to include a hotel in their portfolio

to know why they are doing so.  Hospitality can help make experienced, educated assumptions about future market conditions and implement a plan to deal with those ever-changing conditions. The key to a successful hotel acquisition lies in the following Effects:

  1. Identification of under-performing properties in good locations where repositioning the property will lead to successful performance.
  2. Analysis of costs and projections of income and expense.
  3. Selection of the appropriate brands.
  4. Analysis of physical and environmental challenges present in older buildings.
  5. Determination of replacement materials which will enhance the economic operation of the property, insuring environmentally correct and energy efficient systems.
  6. Selection of properties wherein the cost of renovation represents significant savings over new construction.
  7. Identifying potential Acquisition hotels.
  8. Substantial cost saving.
  9. Co-ordinate Appraisals and Market Studies.
  10. Determining possible changes in management/Franchise.

Hospitality realizes that a hotel is both a business and real estate investment and therefore needs to be scrutinized by those familiar with the hotel industry.

Hospitality has vast experience in handling financial, marketing, engineering and environmental audits, just to name a few, that

are needed to ensure you make a sound educated decision before purchasing a hotel.