Hypermart Hospitality is prepared to take your large or small Resort/boutique/business hotel and make into a profitable, successful Hotel/Resort property.  For a complete picture of how we can help your project take a flight, please contact us today about your project.  Even if it is in the early stages Hypermart Hospitality can help you make sure a Resort/boutique/business hotel is the right choice for your project. From pre-opening to manage till operation starting and as required by owner of the hotel…

Acting as a third party manager, we would typically provide the following during a complete development or a renovation project.

Phase I Advisory Services

Significant savings can be realized early on in the hotel’s life by an early definition of the hotel’s personality, the market it will address and the facilities required to achieve success. Once the needs have been defined, then consistent and constant interface with the various disciplines executing the hotel is required to ensure that the results are achieved. To this end, Hypermart Hospitality can/will:

  • Create with owner the hotel vision
  • Create hotel program of all facilities
  • Recommend and help assemble the project team.
  • Assist in over-all project and construction management.
  • Review and provide input to the preliminary project program for all components.
  • Prepare preliminary project cost estimates to include FF&E detailed by operating areas, operating equipment and estimates of construction based on square feet per the proposed program as provided by the project team for all infrastructure components.
  • Prepare a preliminary pre-opening budget identifying administrative, marketing, staffing training and other pre-opening expenses in detail.
  • Prepare a 5-year profit and loss summary that will identify details supporting the revenue, staffing and other expenses.
  • Assist in preparing a comprehensive design program for the hotel, including all facilities, any additional requirements with respect to mechanical and electrical systems, computer systems, telephone systems, food facilities design and laundry design equipment.
  • Work with the project team through all design phases
  • Schematic design phase
  • Design development phase
  • Construction documents phase
  • Review the plans and specifications and advise owner of any changes which, in our opinion, are necessary in order for the hotel to conform to and be operated in accordance with the vision of the ownership, or to improve the hotel’s design, or to effect cost savings.
  • Create all service styles and systems for all departments and other components of the hotel.
  • At owner’s request, make on-site visits to the hotel and assist with monitoring the progress of the hotel, consult with owner’s consultants and contractors on matters relating to architecture and interior design, kitchen equipment and similar matters.
  • Provide monthly feedback to owner concerning the hotel and any variances from the agreed quality and specifications for which it is aware.
  • Assist owner, as appropriate, with the preparation of a final “punch list” for the hotel.
  • Subsequently, we will work with the relevant representatives of the owner including applicable contractors and subcontractors to monitor the satisfactory completion of “Hotel Project” according to schedule planned.

Phase II Pre-Opening

The pre-opening period is extremely critical to the hotel. This is when the “personality” of the operations is formed, the message to the market is fashioned and the staff hired and trained to deliver on expectations and promises made. Hypermart Hospitality will complete the following pre-opening tasks:

  • Confirm and refine the pre-opening budget to set forth in reasonable detail the plans and expenses proposed to be incurred for:
  • The staffing of the hotel and its operations prior to the opening date (training the staff, hiring of a general manager and other necessary personnel prior to the opening date)
  • The positioning and promotion of the hotel prior to the opening date (public relations, advertising, graphic design, printed material, marketing plans and sales strategies)
  • Selection of public relations agency to coordinate the launch
  • Opening celebration and inaugural ceremonies and activities;
  • Other activities, costs and expenses associated with the pre-opening of the hotel.
  • Update and confirm the initial assumptions in the 5-year profit and loss summary for each of the components identifying details supporting the revenue, staffing, and other expenses.
  • Test-run all service styles, concepts and systems for all departments and other components of the hotel.  Create and implement any initial food and beverage and service concepts, as suggested by the conceptual phase research and preliminary proformas.
  • Recruit, train and recommend for employment by owner the initial staff required for the hotel and establish salary and benefits administration and related programs.
  • Ensure that all purchase commitments for FF&E, materials, finishes, inventories and operating supplies will complement the physical attributes of the hotel and the required level of services.
  • Select and commission staff uniforms to portray a consistent quality image.
  • Develop a targeted marketing plan and submit to owner twelve months prior to the anticipated opening date to include: research, pricing strategy, programs including advertising, public relations, direct mail, web site, reservations and collateral inclusive of local community promotions. This plan will be reviewed with the owner monthly until the opening date.
  • Ensure that the initial licenses and permits required for the operation of the hotel are applied for and obtained.
  • Establish accounting systems and controls relating to the pre-opening budget, as well as the initial operating projections.
  • Provide such other miscellaneous services incidental to the preparation and organization of the project, to ensure they are adequately staffed and capable of operating on the opening date.

Phase III Management

With the successful opening of the hotel continuous attention to detail will be required to ensure that the high standards of operations are consistent, staff is trained and motivated and market share is expanded. This will be accomplished by:

  • Hands on supervision to ensure the consistent delivery of the quality services and amenities.
  • Continuous review of the hotel operations to ensure that the owner is achieving the maximum financial return on their investment.
  • Modifying from time to time all of the operational standards, policies and procedures governing all aspects of the operation.
  • Ensure a unique approach to operations in order to properly reflect the style, tradition and preferences of the community.
  • Establish a culture of luxury, excellence and attention to detail to take the hotel to the highest level of recognition.
  • Devote all reasonable efforts to maximizing the patronage of the hotel facilities while simultaneously optimizing the guest experience, especially the profitability of the hotel.
  • Oversee the ongoing preventive maintenance programs and manage the physical asset to preserve its’ value and ensure its’ continuous productivity.
  • Identify personnel needs to pursue proper service at a justifiable cost. We will interview and hire the personnel as necessary, creating ongoing training and professional development programs to maximize the effectiveness of the resort employees.
  • Utilize our channel manger “Foundation for Excellence” training program on an ongoing basis.
  • Account to owner for all the hotel’s operations. Establish, maintain and modify, as appropriate, all internal controls and accounting systems for all transactions and monetary functions.
  • Report monthly to owner with standardized accurate financial reports. State of the art budgeting and cost accounting techniques are employed to closely monitor performance, to quickly address any negative variance.
  • Creation of the hotel’s marketing plan, annual budgets, ongoing updating and implementation checklist.
  • Measurement of the hotel’s marketing and sales initiatives from cost to results.
  • Create and recommend advertising (national and local) quantify results, measurement of recognition, media selection and media placement.
  • Create and recommend public relations programs, in-house and agency checklist of program implementation and effectiveness.
  • Create direct mail programs with measurable results.
  • Ongoing comparison of competitive property’s web site and recommendations for additions and improvements.
  • Create partnership marketing opportunities.
  • Create and recommend design and production of collateral, in-house materials, promotions, photograph, etc.
  • Monthly monitoring of all sales activities, monitoring sales calls, sales results, production by category and account.


It is imperative for investors deciding to include a hotel in their portfolio to know why they are doing so. Hypermart Hospitality can help make experienced, educated assumptions about future market conditions and implement a plan to deal with those ever-changing conditions. The key to a successful hotel acquisition lies in the following Effects:

  1. Identification of under-performing properties in good locations where repositioning the property will lead to successful performance.
  2. Analysis of costs and projections of income and expense.
  3. Selection of the appropriate brands.
  4. Analysis of physical and environmental challenges present in older buildings.
  5. Determination of replacement materials which will enhance the economic operation of the property, insuring environmentally correct and energy efficient systems.
  6. Selection of properties wherein the cost of renovation represents significant savings over new construction.
  7. Identifying potential Acquisition hotels.
  8. Substantial cost saving.
  9. Co-ordinate Appraisals and Market Studies.
  10. Determining possible changes in management/Franchise

Hypermart Hospitality realizes that a hotel is both a business and real estate investment and therefore needs to be scrutinized by those familiar with the hotel industry.

 Hypermart Hospitality has vast experience in handling financial, marketing, engineering and environmental audits, just to name a few, that are needed to ensure you make a sound educated decision before purchasing a hotel.


Selection of hotel properties where the cost of total renovation represents a significant savings over new construction.

Selection of development team members including architects, general contractors, interior designers, engineers, kitchen consultants, and FF&E advisors.

Detailed pre-development project budgets identifying all project elements typically containing hundreds of line items.

Pre-development coordination between designers and contractors to insure the most efficient design to yield high quality and economic efficiency.

Detailed project schedules.

Coordination meetings during the development phase to answer questions and solve problems well in advance of construction.

Detailed monitoring of construction budgets and schedules.

Coordination with the hotel management team to ensure a smooth opening.

Feasibility Studies: Provide market analysis for, and financial evaluation of the proposed project include cost-benefit analysis, facility recommendations, occupancy and room rate projections,operating results and valuation estimates.

Site Selection and Analysis: Analyze site locations and determine highest and best use.


After a hotel is acquired or developed, Hypermart  Hospitality will use its skills in all aspects of hotel operations, including;

Operational Reviews: Evaluate organizational structure to ensure the achievement of overall operational efficiency and effectiveness. Identify the strengths and deficiencies and recommend alternative approaches that may be more profitable, and/or economically manageable.

Sales and Marketing: Monitor performance of the hotels market position, as well as any changes in it›s competitive set; review and monitoring of Sales and Marketing strategies, programs and personnel.

Strategic Planning: Develop and implement strategies to enhance asset value by increasing revenue and implementing cost containment measures.

Inventory Control: Monitor cost of materials used in each department.

Compliance: Continuous monitoring and analysis of agreements to ensure full and timely compliance.

Labor Analysis: Review and monitor costs, including systems to control performance.

Labor Negotiation: Obtain favorable results by utilizing extensive experience in labor and contract negotiations.

Annual Business Plans: Review and analyze annual plans presented by the operator and provide full analytical reports and recommendations for improvements.

Management Overview: Regular meetings with the operator to analyze P&L and provide monthly status report of findings of the hotels current performance and to forecast results with ownership.

Secret Shopper Reports: Conduct random Secret Shopper audits and review results with management.

Licenses and Contracts: Review all major licenses, leases, contracts and agreements on a periodic basis to ensure maximum benefit is returned to ownership.

Repositioning Studies: Evaluate potential repositioning of the hotel in order to maximize its potential operating and financial performance over the long term, ultimately enhancing the value of the asset.

Capital Improvement Planning: Provide complete management and coordination services for planning, design and cost engineering to including Property Improvement Plans (PIP) and renovation projects.

Facilities Planning: Review facility requirements and planning criteria so that the proposed project will be responsive to market conditions. Work with project architects in the planning and design phase to identify and recommend potential alternatives prior to commencement of construction.

Staff Training: Training staff to create the best environment for hotel guests and employees.

Guest Experience: Creating and implementing guest loyalty programs.



Our hotel asset management services include:

Operator selection and negotiation.

Operational reviews to insure the productivity level of operator’s management staff increase the property’s cash flow.

Monitor the physical condition of hotel to assure proper improvement projects capital expenditures.

Review the market strategy and expense controls to enhance revenue growth and provide consistency of service.


Develop goals for management that encourage their achievement in finding cost-effective ways to improve revenue.

Seek ways to maximize value including repositioning, expansion, renovating and recapitalization.

Make regularly scheduled visits for consultation with management on ongoing operations and implementation of changes.

Follow-up reports including analysis and critique of financial statements.

Provide hotel operations and asset oversight to identify the basis for hold verses sells decision.


Timely and relevant project consulting is the backbone of any successful establishment as it ensures minimal cost overruns and aligns the vision of the client with the final outcome. The Hypermart Hospitality team is geared to provide both pre-opening and post-opening support.

Pre-opening aide would be in the form of:

  1. Spatial and thematic mapping and site selection
  2. Concept Evolution
  3. Inputs on constructions leaning towards eco tourism & responsible travel.
  4. Feasibility studies, research and inputs on various aspects to help commission the project
  5. SPA Set up

Post-opening support would be in the form of:

  1. Management Operations
  2. Sales & Marketing Support
  3. Profit Engineering
  4. Revenue Maximisation
  5. Brand Identity Enhancement

Project Development Consulting Services:Market analysis, positioning and feasibility studies

Selection of Brand

Selection of key project team members including:

  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Interior Designers

Contract negotiations with key project team members Negotiation of Management or Franchise Agreements Conceptual design review

  • Due Diligence and financial operational projections Project planning and programming
  • FF&E and OS&E purchasing and installation
  • Technology and telecommunications systems implementation
  • Architectural, engineering and construction coordination
  • Licensing and permitting guidance
  • Pre-opening staffing and budget
  • Sales and Marketing, Operations, Accounting, Human Resources & Much More.



Resorts, conference properties, boutique hotels, condo or time share, Hypermart Hospitality  can provide you with full service management and operation services . Our team will be responsible for developing an annual strategic business plan with defined financial goals and real measurements of performance. The plan will include detailed marketing strategies along with a property improvement plan of action. We will take responsibility for the daily operation of your property as well as the sales and marketing, accounting functions, cash flow management, human resources, guest services, life safety, and physical plant management.

Our hotel management and operation services also provide our owners with a comprehensive reporting of progress in relation to the annual forecast of revenues and expenses and the sales and marketing goals. We track our financial success on a daily as well as monthly basis with relevant statistical information and statements of financial performance.

We certainly understand your expectations in regards to hotel, resort, or other hospitality related consulting. Perhaps you have a specific issue that you would prefer be handled with outside professional services. More than likely you are in need of assistance in a timely manner, you need someone who will understand the scope of the project, and you need constructive information regarding the project to make informed decisions.

Hypermart Hospitality can be retained on short, medium or long term contracts to assist hotel owners in the full or partial management and operation of their property. Our experience of more than 20 years of operating domestic, inbound and corporate business, independent & branded,  can be utilised for the benefit of any hotel business.

Hypermart Hospitality  understand & encourage the individuality and uniqueness of hotels and strive to develop the operation of each hotel with this in mind but with the ultimate aim of delivering increased profitability and asset appreciation.

Hypermart Hospitality  can include the entire management operation of the hotel or modular and include:

  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Purchasing
  • Financial Management
  • HR and Training
  • Hotel Feasibility Studies
  • Hotel Marketing and Sales Analysis
  • Hotel Marketing Plan Strategy & Development
  • Hotel Internet Marketing
  • Hotel Web Site Development
  • Property Audits
  • Physical Plant Inspections
  • Hotel Risk Management & Life Safety Audits
  • Hotel Asset Management
  • Hotel Receivership Management
  • Financial Planning

 Hotel Management Operations:-

The success of your hotel is contingent upon a seamless integration of every point of contact, from guest services and associate interactions, to market factors affecting your overall business plan. At Hypermart  hospitality, our hotel management and operations programs are efficient and time-tested. Along with an intricate knowledge of market dynamics and hands-on hotel management tactics, We  focuses on asset preservation, helping you surpass guest and investor expectations, and ensuring your hotel runs at optimal levels.

Hospitality Financial Management

Your hotel’s profitability begins and ends with your balance sheet. At Hypermart Hospiotality, we specialize in sound financial management for the hospitality industry, ensuring efficient financial operations through our centralized accounting services. Our experienced team interprets and delivers actionable financial intelligence, in order to guarantee maximum profitability, and ultimately improve property value, based on superior financial performance.

Financial Reporting

  • Profit/Loss Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Balance Sheet Account Reconciliations
  • Bank Reconciliation, Statement of Cash Flow, and Analytical Analysis

Accounts Payable

  • Vendor Invoices
  • Utilities Management
  • Loan Payments
  • Partner Distributions
  • Electronic/ACH Payment
  • Check Registers
  • Open Liability Reports
  • Vendor Aging

Payroll Processing

  • Centralized Data Collection
  • Payment Processing
  • Third-Party Tax Filing and Compliance
  • Employment Verifications
  • W-2 Reporting

Sales Taxes

  • Local/State Sales Tax Filing
  • Assistance in Managing Sales and Use Tax Audit

Treasury Management And Management Of Cash Flow

  • Weekly Monitoring of Account Balances
  • Monthly Cash Flow Projections
  • Assistance with Banking Relationships

Fixed Asset Reporting

  • Maintaining Fixed Asset Ledger
  • Tax, Book and AMT
  • Preparation of Depreciation Schedules
  • We provide extensive services in various fields of hotel development, planning, co-ordination, procurement, pre-opening activities and setting-up operations for commencement. We follow our tried & tested Operating Standards, methods and procedures in-order to achieve maximum efficiency, right from design development until operations.
  • All our efforts are made to successfully develop projects within pre-determined Budgets & time – frames.

Streamlining Operations – A smooth assembly line of daily operations results in optimizing manpower, provide superior service and achieve higher accountability.

Higher Volume of Clientele – When the management operations are handled meticulously, the results show in higher occupancy over a sustained period of time.

Diminished Costs & Higher Profitability – Optimized manpower, reduction in wastage and increase in volume of occupancy leads to diminished costs, higher rate of returns and eventually higher profitability. This is the ultimate objective of any leisure property, spa or resort.   

WHY CHOOSE US                                                                                                                             

  • Improved Performance In Top-Line Revenue, Profit, Associate Retention & Guest Satisfaction.
  • Support From a Knowledgeable & Dedicated Accounting Team.
  • Strategic Sales & Marketing Plans Created By Our Experienced Teams.
  • Associate Programs Tied To Profits, Revenue & Guest Satisfaction.
  • Peace Of Mind That Comes From Working With a Company With a Long Track Record Of Success In Both Building & Operating Hotels.


  • Turn key projects
  • Management operations / Contracts
  • Varied scope of designs – Architectural, Interiors, Kitchen, etc
  • Training and Development
  • Feasibility and project reports
  • Concept development
  • Cost management
  • Vendor and supply chain management
  • Quality and mystery guest audits
  • Investors’ due diligence
  • Development of F&B outlets – Restaurants, Food courts, Kiosks, Fast food outlets, Etc
  • Hotel Consulting
  • Restaurant Consulting
  • Menu Designs- Menu engineering and planning
  • Hotel staffing- Manpower planning
  • Kitchen Planning services – Designing Institutional Kitchens and service spaces
  • Bar Planning & Designing
  • Cafe Consulting
  • Resort consultant
  • Hotel staffing
  • Hotel Management Consultants